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bamboo clothing manufacture

Wholesale Bamboo Clothing Made by viscose from Bamboo

“TANBOOCEL” Bamboo fiber is natural antibacterial and bacteriostatic, fine hygroscopic and permeable, smooth and soft, as well as ultraviolet-proof.Bamboo fiber has particular and natural functions of anti-bacteria, bacteriostasis and deodorization.

"TANBOOCEL" Bamboo Fiber, a kind of fiber made of bamboo pulp, is featured with strong durability, high stability and tenacity. In addition to the characteristics of conventional viscose fiber, bamboo fiber also boasts other functions like moisture absorption, breath ability, softness along with anti-bacteria and deodorization. According to Japan BOKEN, bamboo fiber could maintain excellent anti-bacteria performance after being washed by fifty times.

bamboo clothing wholesale

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Features of “TANBOOCEL” Bamboo Fiber Clothing

1. Anti-bacteria
2. Moisture absorption & breath ability
3. Moisture Releasing
4. Softness
5. Anti-UV
6. Deodorization

B2B Service

Do you need a customer label service? We do custom private label depending on the quantities. Please contact us for more detail at 213-749-7607 or email us at

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- Special Cut
- and more

Feel free to contact us if you have any questinon regarding B-Sharp USA Tanboocel Bamboo clothing at 213-749-7607 or email us at Thank you.

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